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In fact, is there still some support for the hypothesis (of whom?) that
Durg-ac-arya the commentator of the Nirukta and Durgasi.mha the commentator
of the K-atantrav.rtti (fl. probably in the 8th century) are identical?

>Many cordial thanks to Peter M.Scharf for his exhaustive answer to my
>question on the date of the Nirukta's 2nd pariziSTa. Dear Peter, if
>you don't mind, I will refer to your posting in the article that I am
>working on now
>(the proposed title is "The GItA versus the AnugItA: SAMkhya and Yoga in
>Conflict and Dialogue").
>                                                        Yaroslav Vassilkov
>Mon, 09 Jun 103 20:43 +0300 MSK Peter M. Scharf wrote to
>> Both Lakshman Sarup's edition of Nirukta and Bhadkamkar's edition
>> (Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series LXXXV) of Nirukta with Durga's
>> commentary contain both parisistas.  Sarup's edition does not contain
>> a translation of the parisistas.  Durga does not comment upon the
>> second parisista which means it was added to the collection of
>> earlier chapters of the Nirukta after Durga and probably means its
>> composition post-dates Durga.  His date is much debated.  Sarup dated
>> him as early as 1st...but no later than 13th c.  Kunhan Raja before
>> 600 and Eivind Kahrs (Indian Semantic Analysis, p. 14): 6th c.  A
>> closer examination of the relationship of the 2nd parisista with
>> other texts would probably contribute to its dating.
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