Nirukta - second pari/si.s.ta

Peter M. Scharf Scharf at BROWN.EDU
Mon Jun 9 17:43:52 UTC 2003

Both Lakshman Sarup's edition of Nirukta and Bhadkamkar's edition
(Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series LXXXV) of Nirukta with Durga's
commentary contain both parisistas.  Sarup's edition does not contain
a translation of the parisistas.  Durga does not comment upon the
second parisista which means it was added to the collection of
earlier chapters of the Nirukta after Durga and probably means its
composition post-dates Durga.  His date is much debated.  Sarup dated
him as early as 1st...but no later than 13th c.  Kunhan Raja before
600 and Eivind Kahrs (Indian Semantic Analysis, p. 14): 6th c.  A
closer examination of the relationship of the 2nd parisista with
other texts would probably contribute to its dating.
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