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Dear colleagues,
I take the opportunity of Yaroslav's question (to which I am unfortunately
unable to answer), for adding another one about the Nirukta (of Yaska),
that my collaborator Sandra Smets asked me, in relationship with
embryological matters that she examines.
It is said in Windisch (Buddha's Geburt, 1908, p. 87) that the
Garbhopani.sad is "zum Teil wörtlich übereinstimmend mit dem zweiten
Pari/si.s.ta des Nirukta, §6".  It would be very interesting for her to get
some information on this section of the Pari/si.s.ta (e.g. elements of its
dating or references to the study its contents), and, above all, could
somebody give the references of an edition of the Nirukta that contains
this peculiar text ?
thank you very much,

>Dear colleagues,
>        as far as I know, the core 12 books of the Nirukta are considered
>to be created by
>Yaska himself and dated by ca. 500 BCE, while the last two books are
>somewhat later additions.
>Could anybody tell me, what is an approximate daring of these added books?
>I am especially
>interested in the book 14.
>        Many thanks in advance.
>                                        YV
>Yaroslav Vassilkov (yavass at
>Institute of Oriental Studies
>Fri, 06 Jun 103 11:21 +0300 MSK

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