Sanskrit word order sort program ?

Wed Jul 23 02:13:25 UTC 2003

Thanks to all those who replied to my enquiry regarding a Skt sort program.
I should have specified that I use WindowsXP and encode with Unicode.  Thus
the CXS+ utilities provided by Dr Smith are less useful to me -- I would
have to convert to CXS and back again.  Given that my file is 54,000 lines
long, my poor computer grinds to a halt if I do that via Word.

The option suggested by Andrew Glass sounds potentially useful so I would
definitely like to have a look at it although I am not sure if I have Excel
hidden away somewhere on my computer.  Eva de
Clercq's information sounds potentially the most useful -- particularly the
ungrade she mentions her colleague is compiling -- I also have need often of
sorting Mongolian and Tibetan (for which nobody has come up with a sort
program recently though I suspect that the unique nature of Tibetan
dictionary word order might defeat even this program).

Eva, maybe the up-grade program you mention would be usable, but if not,
would your colleague perhaps be interested in devising his/her program in
such a way as to facilitate Tibetan sorts ? It would be a great service to
those scholars doing Tibetan lexical work.  If you do not know about the
problems faced by Tibetan I can write in detail but basically the situation
is that Tibetan sorts on the basis of "head-letters" which may often --
usually, in fact -- NOT be the first letter.  Thus these words -- grub,
'grub, bsgrub all have the head-letter G and will be found under G in their
proper places.

Anyway, once again -- thanks to everybody !

Stephen Hodge

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