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I had recieved a letter from Luis Gonzales of Berkley but I had lost his email.
Cuold the Dr. Gonzales send other time it.??

 Please, may be the follow post has litle  importance by hte moderns stuidies of India.


NASA seeks Indian help in Earth sciences study<BR>

NASA seeks Indian help in Earth sciences study <BR>



Monday, January 06, 2003 <BR>


The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is <BR>

seeking India's help to study and decipher the massive amounts of <BR>

data on earth sciences from a confluence of satellites. <BR>

BANGALORE: Numerous U.S. satellites studying changes in the Earth, R>

oceans and atmosphere have been pumping in huge quantities of data.<

"The most difficult thing we find is understanding the meaning of the

data for meteorological prediction. This is one major area in which

India's experts can help NASA," says Jim Dodge, programme director of <BR>

earth sciences at the U.S. space agency.<BR>


Delivering a "vision" talk at the space summit organised as a part of <BR>

the 90th Indian Science Congress here, Dodge pointedly mentioned the <BR>

expertise of Indians in meteorology, mathematics, physics and other <BR>

disciplines for the study of data from satellites.<BR>


"We are right now swimming with new data that could predict the <BR>

future. Our focus, like the Indian space programme, is also on <BR>

meeting the societal needs in the next two decades," Dodge added.<BR>


"The drivers are no more technology, but scientific. How the global <BR>

Earth system is changing and how the Earth responds to natural and <BR>

human-induced changes are some questions."<BR>


The urgency in doing the "massive job of distilling data" emanates <BR>

from the fact that there is a demand for providing the information on <BR>

a personal computer. <BR>


"The challenge for the future is really analysis of data," Dodge said.<BR>


But it is not only the U.S. that is seeking India's cooperation in <BR>

space technology and applications. China, Thailand, Malaysia and the <BR>

European Space Agency are all looking for strengthening their ties <BR>

with India.<BR>


"We have a memorandum of understanding with India. But we are still <BR>

in the exploratory stage. We don't know where it will be headed <BR>

finally," an official of the Chinese space agency told IANS.<BR>


"We have the capacity to launch big satellites, but India has <BR>

expertise in remote sensing and Earth sciences."<BR>


Suvit Vibulshresth of Thailand's Geo-Informatics and Space Technology <BR>

Development Agency (GISTDA) told the space summit: "Thailand is <BR>

already receiving images from the Indian remote sensing satellite. <BR>

And we are awaiting the launch of Cartosat to receive higher density <BR>

images. We also hope India can help us build a small satellite. <BR>


Added Antonio Rodata, director of the European Space Agency: "We have <BR>

been cooperating with India for 25 years. We are now having talks for <BR>

cooperation in disaster management."<BR>


(This is the real Information Technology as opposed to GL and <BR>

Payroll - KMG)<BR>







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