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>Date:  Mon Oct 7, 2002  4:42 am
>Subject:  NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka
>NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka
>(Courtesy : NASA Digital Image Collection)
>This information is a crucial aspect for an insight into the
>mysterious legend called Ramayana, which was supposed to have taken
>place in treta yuga (more than 17,00,000 years ago).

Be it whatever, an Adverisement or a real NASA photo ---  what worries me
here is an apparent lack of precision in reckoning the time of the yugas.
Why -  if I may ask - should we be satisfied with the statement that "treta
yuga  was supposed to have taken place more than 17,00,000 years ago"?

Now, since we live in, roughly, the beginning of 6th M of the kali yuga,
the treta should have started (let me calculate: 5 M for the kali + 864 M
for the dvapara = 869 M) , yes - cca 869 000 years ago. Or do I miss
anything important?

Oh, yeah, they say that it WAS supposed -- do they mean it IS NOT suposed NOW?


and all the best for the New Year 2003

Artur Karp


PS. On second thoughts - couldn't it be that the bridge was built by those
mysterious fellows from Bashkiria?

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