XML/TEI-Sanskrit texts, anyone?

Veeranarayana Pandurangi veerankp at IFPINDIA.ORG
Thu Feb 27 10:47:15 UTC 2003

Though I did little for TEI, I know one freind in Tirupaty, doing this. He
is Srinivasa Varakhedi. He did this for anuvyakhyana using the C-DAC's Gist
terminal and VI editor. contact him at srivara at india.com. It might be

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Subject: XML/TEI-Sanskrit texts, anyone?

> The potential of XML/XSLT, in combination with the TEI guidelines, is
> really amazing. I'm just starting to look into all these things, and
> therefore my question:
> Are there already any Indic e-texts available which make use of these
> technologies? Or are such projects under way, anywhere?
> For those who are interested: I experimented a little with perl and XML. I
> used Tilman Vetter's edition of the first chapter of the PramANavinizcaya
> by DharmakIrti (Tibetan text) as an example. This has no XSLT background;
> just a simple perl script using perl XML modules to translate XML markup
> into HTML entities.  I used Andrew Glass' Gandhari Unicode font for the
> diacritics:
> ge=30
> I would appreciate any information about similar projects.
> Best regards,
> Birgit Kellner

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