2 956 900 vessels (+ "k.sutila")

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Wed Feb 26 09:24:36 UTC 2003

Thank you very much, Dominik, for the reference, and also Madhav Deshpande
for the previous suggestion.
Christophe Vielle

>On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Christophe Vielle wrote:
>> I take the opportunity of this message for recalling what was the main
>> question of my original message, assuming that there is at least some
>> people learned in medical literature on this list...
>> Could someone help me in giving the Sanskrit text of the verse of
>> Vaagbha.ta (the Elder)'s A.s.taa;ngasa.mgraha, /saariirasthaana 5.59
>> (reference from Meulenbeld's HIML), which gives the total amount of the
>> vessels in the body as being 2 956 900.
>In my edition of AS, Vaidyanaatha Aayurveda Bhavana Praaivet. Li.,
>Naagapura, 1989 (1st printing)), with vyaakhyaa by Laalacandra"saastrii
>Vaidya and intro. by Raghuviiraprasaada Trivedii, the vers you want is in
>Sarirasthana 5.93:
>siraadhamaniimukhaanaa.m tva.nu"so
>vibhajyamaanaanaamekonatri.m"sacchatasahasraa.ni nava ca "sataani
>.sa.tpa~ncaa"saani bhavanti|
>taabhirida.m "sariira.m gavaak.sita.m pinaddhamaatata.m ca ||93||
>In Kimjavadekar's 1938 ed, this is verse "saa.5.115, and it reads the

>Another possible interpretation of k.sutila-aakaara may be "of the shape
>of a mustard seed (k.su, V.S. Apte) or sesame seed (tila)."  Best,
>Madhav Deshpande

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