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Thu Feb 13 09:05:47 UTC 2003

Since I am just writing an article on the Nala-and-DamayantI story,
the verse containing the names KarkoTaka, DamayantI and RtuparNa
would be interesting for me. Could you be so kind and quote a correct
sanskrit version?

Best regards,
Georg v. Simson

Madhav Deshpande wrote:

>This verse is also typically included in the many popular
> collections of verses.  I was taught to recite it
>as I was growing up.
>                                                         Madhav
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>>  Nearly after 40 years later I hear the pancakanya sloka.  My mother used to
>>  recite this before going to bed along with another (now I realize ) Sanskrit
>>  sloka to ward off snakes, scorpions and other harmful creatures.  The verse,
>>  from memory run like this:
>>  Karakotakasya naagasya ...damayanti cha rutuparanasya
>>  rajarshi teerthanam kalinashanam
>>  and then
>>  Ahaylay draupadi kunti taara mandodari
>>  tatha pancakanya smare nityam mahapataknashanam
>>  These were recited five times before going to bed.
>>  I now realize that they have puranic sources.
>>  D. Venkat Rao

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