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On Indian plants, two more titles, one old, one new:
- William Dymock, C.J.H. Warden, D. Hooper, Pharmacographia Indica. A 
history of the principal drugs of vegetable origin, met with in 
British India, 3 Vols., London, Bombay, Calcutta, 1890-1893; 
reprints: as Special Issue in «Hamdard», vol. XV,  Karachi, 1972, and 
Delhi, Low Price Publications 1995.
- John A. Parrotta, Healing Plants of Peninsular India, Wallingford, 2001.
Though the second book has what all the other publications in this 
sector seem to lack, ie. color photographs, I find the older work 
more instructive, especially when it deals with the economics of 
plant derivatives and drugs.
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