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>Not being an expert, I still try. Can anyone point me to a Sanskrit source
>that gives translations into English of animal names in Skt to their common
>or biological or both names in English?
>Not much of Indian birds or flowers in Monier-Williams it seems, nor on the
>Capeller online or Cologne online lookup machines.
>Joanna Kirkpatrick

Dear Joanna,

Not much additional advice re: animals & birds Sanskrit and biological names.

As far as botany is concerned, my constant companion is:

Chopra R.N., Nayar S.L., Chopra I.C., Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants,
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi 1956, 330 pages. (On
pp. 263-318 Index of Common Vernacular Names [including Sanskrit])


Chopra R.N., Chopra I.C., Varma B.S., Supplement to Glossary of Indian
Medicinal Plants, Publications & Information Directorate, New Delhi 1969,
120 pages.

No photographs or drawings of the plants, though. Which is annoying. But
otherwise a mine of dependable information.


Artur Karp

Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit and Pali

University of Warsaw

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