Intro to Veda: texts, myth, ritual, religion (on web)

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Feb 5 03:32:40 UTC 2003

As there is so much misinformation out on the web
about earliest / Vedic India
(do a Google search!),
I have now decided to put out a 100 pp. long paper
with BASIC introductory information
on Vedic texts, religion, mythology and ritual.

as pdf:

This  was composed jointly by S. Jamison and me, way back in 1992, and
--awaiting  promised publication for many years-- has been circulated only
privately  among students and colleagues.  It will be updated, eventually,
to cover the past 10 years or so of scholarship.

A much shorter (almost equally dated) version will finally come out in a
vol. ed. by
A. Sharma: The Study of Hinduism.  U. of SC Press 2003 (?)

Enjoy, MW
Michael Witzel
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