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Dear Dr.  Venkat Rao,
To answer your question nr. 2 - yes there are two more annotated English
translations of the Citrasutra, one  by C. Sivaramamurti: Chitrasutra of the
Vishnudharmottara   New Delhi : Kanak, 1978. and the other by Priyabala
Shah: Shri Vishnudharmottara, a text of ancient Indian arts, Ahmedabad
1990?.  Dr. Shah has also edited the third khanda (Gaekwad's Oriental series
no. 130) 1994. There is a Hindi translation by P. Dvivedi and Bindu Dube,
Varanasi : Kala Prakasana, 1997.

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 on 15/08/03 15:02, venkat at at venkat at CIEFL.AC.IN wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I would be grateful if someone could help me with the following information:
> 1)      I understand that Vishnu Dharmottara, a 5th century Purana (?), is
> in three parts.  Is there a “standard” edition of these volumes?
> I have
> come across English translations of either parts of or only the last part
> (Chitrasutra) of the Purana?  I would be keen to know whether the entire
> text is available in translation.
> 2)      Is there any extended critical work (apart from Stella
> Kramrisch’s
> introduction) on the Chitrasutra in English?
> 3)      Could some one suggest me what kind of readings are available on the
> Sutra genre?  Is Louis Renou’s “Sur le genre du sutra dan la
> literature
> Sanskrite” available in English translation?
> Let me acknowledge my gratitude to you in advance for your help.
> D. Venkat Rao
> School of Critical Humanities
> Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages
> Hyderabad
> India 500007

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