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I wonder what the experts on this list think of this hypotehsis? I find it
odd--what is known if anything about Indo-Iranian pre-zoroastrian hells?
What would be meant here by "Indo-Iranian" anyway? Vedic?  I'm not aware
that early zoroastrian religion elaborated complex hells as did Indian
religion at a later time. My guess is that Buddhist hells were simply
incorporated from Hindu hells.
Any answers?
Thanks, Joanna K.

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> From: Karil Kucera <kucera at stolaf.edu>
> In response to Hugh Clark's thoughts on Mahayana Buddhism and hells in
> East Asia, one article which [if I recall correctly] proposes an
> Indo-Iranian source for both the Western and Eastern traditions is by
> Duyvendak.  I don't have the specific article at hand, so my apologies
> in advance if this is not the correct citation.
>  Duyvendak, J.J.L. A Chinese "Divina Commedia". T'oung Pao, 41 (1952),
> pp. 255-316.
>  Karil Kucera, PhD
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> Depts of Asian Studies and Art & Art History
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