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The second volume of the series "Geisteskultur Indiens" has just been released:

Bhaskarakanthas Moksopaya-Tika. Die Fragmente des 4. (Sthiti-)Prakarana. Hrsg. v. Walter Slaje. (Geisteskultur Indiens. Texte und Studien.2.) (Indologica Halensis). Aachen 2002. 302 Seiten. ISBN 3-8322-0691-4. 45,80 Euro

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The publication of these "fragments" covers 33 Sargas (more than the first half) of the 4th (Sthiti-)Prakarana of the Moksopaya, the early Kashmirian version of the Yogavasistha. It is based on manuscripts which were made available through the Staatsbibliothek Berlin (the Janert bequest) only recently. The critically edited text (in romanized form) represents entirely new material for the study of the peculiar monistic philosophy (cid-advaita) of a Kashmirian author of the 10th century, developed independently of any Vedanta traditions.

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