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Wed Sep 25 18:12:59 UTC 2002

From: : gssmurty <gssmurty at>

A Java program for obtaining the combination of two adjacent Sanskrit words
as per external sandhi rules of Sanskrit grammar has been successfully
implemented. External sandhi rules define the manner in which two Sanskrit
words, when spoken without a pause get modified at the instance of liasing.
If two Sanskrit words are input in Roman script as per baraha4.0
transliteration scheme, the program outputs the combination and also the
concerned sandhi rule. The program demonstrates the feasibility of
computerizing Sanskrit grammar. It can form a part of a word processing
package for Sanskrit and can also be adapted to be a part of a tutorial for
Sanskrit grammar. It can be easily converted into a java applet for being
posted on the Internet. It should also be possible to adapt it for a
devanaagari key-board based on Unicode. The program, the copyright of which
lies with the developer G.S.S.Murthy, may be obtained free of cost  for
genuine academic purposes through E-mail from gssmurthy at

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