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Christophe Vielle wrote:

> But before to conclude in favour of a direct influence of the relatively
> late Hitopade/sa on the JaiSa, my questions are: 1°) what is the common use
> of the word hitopade/sa "salutary instruction"  found in the MBh,
> Pa?ncatantra etc. (according to MW), but outside the later work for the
> title of which it was used; 2°) where these kinds of maxims can be found
> outside the Pa?ncatantra literature (C-a.nakyan-iti, or even n-iti/s-astras
> ?); and 3°) who knows other references to similar exemples of public
> instruction.

1.) The MBh reference is probably to the following star-passage
(MBh 1.2.83 97*) in the critical edition:
% N (except K1; K5 missing) T1 G7 ins.
% after 83ab:
01*0097_01 hitopade"sa"s ca pathi dharmaraajasya dhiimata.h
01*0097_02 vidure.na k.rto yatra hitaartha.m mlecchabhaa.sayaa

2.) For other relevant literature, consult:
Ludwik Sternbach: Subhaa.sita, Gnomic and Didactic Literature. A
History of Indian Literature IV. Wiesbaden 1974.

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