Are Buddhist sutras considered "apaurusheya"?

dean_anderson at SACARI.ORG dean_anderson at SACARI.ORG
Sat Nov 16 19:18:28 UTC 2002

As the readers of this list are no doubt aware, the Vedas are traditionally
considered "apaurusheya", i.e. "divine and not of human composition". They
are considered pre-existent realities that are only "cognized" or "seen" by
the authors ascribed to them.

I was wondering if the Buddhist sutras are considered as having a similar
status since I seem to remember reading somewhere that the celestial beings
in heaven are portrayed as chanting certain sutras (to future Buddhas and
Bodhisattvas?). Or are the sutras traditionally ascribed to particular human

I assume this system has only become prevalent with the rise of the Mahayana
and Vajrayana systems.

Dean Anderson

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