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> aakaa"sa.m (NKP verra's aakaa"sau was I suppose a typo) dvau nirodhau ca
> nitya.m trayam asa.msk.rtam is exactly  J~naanasaarasamuccaya 21ab
> (though I  wouldn't exclude that there might be earlier occurrences).
> (See K. Mimaki's  contribution to Jonathan A. Silk (ed.): Wisdom,
> Compassion, and the Search for  Understanding: The Buddhist Studies
> Legacy of Gadjin M. Nagao. Honolulu 2000.)  I have seen some other
> citations of the line (and of the whole verse) in  Buddhist tantric texts.

Add to which, the Tibetan text of the JJAnasArasamuccaya, together with 
Sanskrit fragments (like this one) and a French translation can be found in 
an earlier publication by Mimaki: "La réfutation bouddhique de la 
permanence des choses (sthirasiddhidUSana) et la preuve de la momentanéité 
des choses (kSaNabhaGgasiddhi)", Collège de France, PICI fasc. 41, Paris, 

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