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Dear Indologists,
     I am forwarding a question from Professor Dhadphale of BORI in Pune.  I
will forward to him any responses there may be on Indology.  Best,
                                                   Madhav Deshpande

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Dear Prof. Madhav,
In one of my paper written in Sanskrit about the nativity  of Bhavabhuti,
the celebrated dramatist in Sanskrit I gave evidence to prove that he was a
Dravidian and most probably a person from karnataka. A few persons  told me
that some one has tried to prove that he was a keralite. I shall like to
know the exact reference of this writing.

M. G. Dhadphale
Bhandarkar Oriental
Research Institute,
Pune. (India)
E-mail: bori1 at vsnl.net

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