AW: nyUGkha in Vedic recitation

George Thompson GthomGt at CS.COM
Thu May 2 13:38:59 UTC 2002

In a message dated 5/2/02 5:29:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
chlodwig.h.werba at UNIVIE.AC.AT writes:

> Dear Colleague,
> For the root uunkh which in all probability is of onomatopoetic origin,
> please refer to my Verba IndoArica. Pars I (Vienna: Austrian Academy of
> Sciences, 1997), p. 453 (no.617) where You will find a comprehensive
> treatment of this verbal morphem and its use in the texts.
> With my best wishes
> Chlodwig H. Werba
> ISTB Vienna.

Thank you very much for this reference.  It will be a great help to me.

Best wishes,

George Thompson

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