Which number the naada indicates?

Richard Salomon rsalomon at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Jun 4 19:29:33 UTC 2002

I have had a quick look through the two most comprehensive lists of
chronogram words, namely:

    D.C. Sircar, Indian Epigraphy, pp. 230-3
    P.V. Kane, History of Dharmasastra, vol.V.1, pp.702-3.

I didn't find any listing for either naada or s'abda, so I think taking
naada as = svara = 7 is the safest. But please check these lists (and also
the one in Buhler's Indian Paleography) more carefully than I did before
reaching a final conclusion!

Richard Salomon

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Subject: Which number the naada indicates?

> Dear List Members
> Could you tell me what actually means naada that is used to express a
> particular number in dating an inscription from Nepal? The line reads as
> such:
>       naade skandamukhe hy anaNgavishikhe nepaalasam.vatsare
> As I think, naada usually cannot be a synonymous with svara that expresses
> collection of seven musical notes and resultantly implies 7.
> Rather naada is one of the synonyms of shabda (e.g. Amara I.6.22c-23).I am
> curious to know whether shabda and/or its synonyms indicate  a certain
> number or not?
> Mahes Raj Pant
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