Identity of placename Mohapaata?

Asko Parpola Asko.Parpola at HELSINKI.FI
Mon Jul 29 15:38:21 UTC 2002

Madhav Deshpande wrote:
> Dear List Members,
>      I am working on a 200 year old Sanskrit manuscript of a text called
> Vedavicaara.  This particular manuscript was copied by a Marathi pundit
> named Hari Vishnu Palnitkar.  He describes himself as "mohapaatainvaasin",
> resident of Mohapaata.  From other references to this individual in Marathi
> documents, we know that he came from the vicinity of the town of Panwel
> near Bombay.  I am wondering about the identity of Mohapaata, obviously a
> Sanskritization of a local village or town name.  Any suggestions on what
> the original Marathi place name might be?  Thanks.
>                                 Madhav Deshpande

Could Mohapaata be Mohabbatnagar = Motaagaon north of Ahmedaabaad (c 24o
57' 72o 38')? see R. Stroobandt, Epigraphical find-spots (Corpus
topographicum Indiae antiquae, 1), Gent 1974, pp. 47a and 102a and
sheet no. 7 S.I no. 45 and appendix map no. 1.

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