bhautika (-brahmacaarin)

Joerg Gengnagel Joerg.Gengnagel at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
Fri Jul 19 10:36:32 UTC 2002

Dear Reinhold Gruenendahl,

it might be helbful to consult Hélène Brunner´s edition of the 
Somashambhupaddhati, Vol.3. Especially the foonotes on the vratANgas (p.148f. 
and p.542f) and the references. The bhautika-brahmacArins are here - as you 
suspect - per definition those who "s´engagent dans l´observance du brahmacarya 
pour une durée limitée." (p.542) Another - less convincing - interpretation is 
the paralelism between "bubhukshu - bhautika" and "mumukshu - nai.s.tika" 

Joerg Gengnagel

South Asia Institute, Heidelberg

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