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Dear List Members,

If anyone knows the source of, or has seen cited
elsewhere, any of the following four quotations, I
would be very grateful to hear from them.  They
are all quoted by Bha.t.ta Raamaka.n.tha, the 10th
century Kashmiri "Saiva Saiddhaantika.

> From the context in which it is quoted, the first
one looks as though it was written by Dharmakiirti
or one of his followers. (I translate them as I
infer Raamaka.n.tha to have understood them.)

1) "saktir hi bhaavaabhaavaabhyaa.m bhidyamaanaa
vastv api bhinatti, na puna.h kaaryabhedena

For power, when divided by its occurrence and
non-occurrence, divides the thing [that has the
power] too.  But [it does] not [do so when
divided] through [having] a plurality of effects.

2) avi"se.se ¹pi baahyasya vi"se.saat
priititaapayo.h |
bhaavanaayaa vi"se.se.na naartharuupaa.h
sukhaadaya.h ||

Because pleasure and pain differ [between people],
due to a difference of meditative cultivation
(bhaavanaa), even when the external [object] is
the same, pleasure and the like are not of the
nature of objects [but rather properties of

3) j~naanaarthau saha ruupadiipatulayaa jaatau

Cognition and object, according to the doctrine of
the Vibhaa.saa, are similar to light and form.

4) sa.mvittir aparaamar"saad vidyamaanaapi
vastuta.h |
t.r.naadivittivad yaatu.h siddhaivaavidyamaanavat

Consciousness, because it is not verbally cognized
(aparaamar"saad), even though it really exists, is
established to be as good as non-existent just
like consciousness of grass etc. for someone going

Alex Watson

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