late Vedic/Upanishadic verses to identify

Timothy Lubin lubint at WLU.EDU
Thu Jul 4 16:07:30 UTC 2002

Dear Indologists:

As I wrap up my edition of the Atharvaziras there are a couple verses
that I presume to be quoted from earlier works but that I have not been
able to identify.  I would be grateful if any of you recognize them from

vaalaagramaatra.m h.rdayasya madhye vizva.m deva.m jaataveda.m
vare.nyam | (64ab in Adyar Library's edition; cd = Ka.tha Up. 5.12cd,
and with a variant, ZveU 6.12cd) antar manaso li*ngam aahur yasmin krodho yaa ca t.r.s.naa
k.samaa ca |
t.r.s.n.aa.m chittvaa hetujaalasya muula.m buddhyaa sa.mcintya (or:
sa.mcita.m) sthaapayitvaa tu rudre |
rudra ekatvam aahu.h |   (66 in AL)

ak.saraat sa.myaayate kaala.h kaalaad vyaapaka ucyate | (not in AL ed.,
but in's reading).

Thanks for any clues.

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