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Dear Lars,

You can find details at

The books can be obtained directly from prof. Hahn (hahn.m at t-online.de).

Best wishes,
Paolo Magnone

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On 22/01/2002 at 20.11 Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

> Dear members of the list,
> The series Indica et Tibetica contain among others the following texts:
> Das Maitrakanyakaavadaana . (Divyaavadaana 38). Sanskrittext und deutsche
> Uebersetzung. Von Konrad Klaus. Bonn 1983.
> Das Mrgajaataka. Studie, Texte, Glossar. Von Michael Hahn und Konrad
> Klaus. Bonn 1983.
> Candragomin's Shisyhyalekha. A Buddhist didactic poem. Sanskrit and
> Tibetan texts , indexes, and glossaries. By Michael Hahn. Bonn 1986.
> Would any member of the list know if they are still obtainable, and where
> I could obtain them?
> Best wishes,
> Lars Martin Fosse


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