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Dear Dominik,

Recently I have edited two volumes which have now come out. I would like to
bring these volumes to the notice of readers of Indology and other
discussion groups, [...]
Thanks a lot in advance, and all good wishes for the new year.


Etudes de Lettres 2001/3: La rationalité en Asie / Rationality in Asia.

Edited by Johannes Bronkhorst

Johannes Bronkhorst: "Pourquoi la philosophie existe-t-elle en Inde?"
Ben-Ami Scharfstein: "Relativisme et unicité."
Frits Staal: "Article One."
Bart Dessein: "Climbing a tree to catch a fish: some reflections on Plato,
Aristotle, and China."
Christoph Harbsmeier: "La rationalité dans l'histoire intellectuelle de la
J. C. Heesterman: "Rituel et rationalité."
Jan E. M. Houben: "'Verschriftlichung' and the relation between the
pramaa.nas in the history of Saa.mkhya. (Why did rationality thrive, but
hardly survive in Kapila's system? Part II)"
Johannes Bronkhorst: "Pour comprendre la philosophie indienne."

Can be obtained from: Etudes de Lettres, BFSH 2, UNIL, CH-1015 Lausanne,
Switzerland. Price: 18 Swiss francs.
Asiatische Studien / Etudes Asiatiques 55(2), 2001.

Vincent Eltschinger: "Dharmakiirti: critique de la théorie du spho.ta." pp.
Atsushi Hayakawa: "Descent of fire." pp. 291-320
Jack C. Laughlin: "Jain monasticism in 'an age without eminence': Religious
gifting and the acquisition and transfer of merit." pp. 321-347
Jacques May: "La carrière universitaire de Constantin Regamey." pp. 349-379
Renate Syed: "Early terracottas from Kanauj: chessmen?" pp. 381-413
Herman Tieken: "Middle Indic tuva.t.ta-." pp. 415-421
Ludovic Viévard: "L'origine de la compassion selon Yogaacaara et
Maadhyamika." pp. 423-453
François Voegeli: "Du rôle du Pratiprasthaat.r dans la version Vaadhuula du
Niruu.dhapa'subandha à la question de la 'vache stérile' (va'sáa
anuubándhyaa) dans le rituel védique." pp. 455-491
Ralf Vollmann: "Der Beitrag über Tibetisch in Adelungs 'Mithridates' 1806."
pp. 493-528
Charles Willemen: "Sarvaastivaada dhyaana and Mahaayaana prajñaa:
observations about their development in Indian and in China." pp. 529-534

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