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Mon Jan 21 23:17:43 UTC 2002

Dear Sirs/Mmes:

I am rather in desperate need of, say, a Valmiki Ramayana equivalent
chapters and verses to some sent to me by Prof Hart from the Kamparamayana
having to do with Rama and Sita's first sight of one another.
The citation given from that work  is

The lines translated are:

As she who was of unimaginable beauty stood there like that,
Their eyes snatched one another, and devoured one another,
And, as their awareness united without ever stopping,
The lord (Rama) looked (at her), and she looked (at him).

Can anyone steer me to the comparable (if they exist) passages in a Valmiki
Ramayana translation, with citation?  According to LC online, Robert P
Goldman's translations include vols 1, 3.  Would the verses corresponding to
those cited above appear in his vol.1?

I live in an out of the way place where the local state U library is minus
such works.  Sorry with such a simple question. I hope someone will advise
me on this.

Joanna Kirkpatrick

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