Vasubandhu's Vyakhya-yukti

Jonathan Silk at YALE.EDU
Wed Jan 16 15:51:09 UTC 2002

>could anybody give me info on Vasubandhu's treatise "Vyakhya-yukti"?
>Does it exist only in Tibetan, or are there at least some parts of
>the Sanskrit original?

With the exception of several verses quoted in Haribhadra's
Abhisamayalankaraloka, the text exists only in Tibetan, as far as I
know. In addition to the two articles quoted by Richard Mahoney,
there is another by Skilling (exact reference not at hand, but
something like "Vasubandhu on Travel", published in a Thai journal
(in English)). There are also a number of studies in Japanese, mostly
on chapter 4. If you can read Japanese, please let me know and I will
try to collect the references.


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