Sanskrit Knowledge Systems on the Eve of Colonialism

Jan E.M. Houben j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 8 01:10:24 UTC 2002

re: Sanskrit Knowledge Systems
> I doubt if you could find any
> Latinist who would approve the
> term "Latin Knowledge Systems."

How about Greek-Latin Knowledge Systems in Europe
from ca. 0-1700 C.E. (vis-a-vis Celtic, Germanic,
Gothic Knowledge Systems which gradually
disappeared)? Esp. from 500 C.E. having a special
link with the Church (with church rituals in
Latin), with philosophy and emerging sciences, as
far as allowed by the Church and Christianity,
preferably in Latin, legal knowledge systems of
justice and injustice (Inquisition!) preferably
in Latin. The systems were of course not closed
but to see how and why they interacted and with
what, they are to be studied.
If a Latinist does not approve of the idea of
Latin Knowledge Systems it is perhaps because
these had gradually become so all-embracing and
all-pervading that nothing was left in Europe to
compare and contrast these Systems with (Systems
still plural, with countercurrents also in Latin)
-- until the Orient ... and then there were
indologists ...
Jan Houben

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