eye (gaze) in the Katha Upanishad

jkirk jkirk at MICRON.NET
Tue Feb 5 21:31:54 UTC 2002

"...the faults of the eye organ are defined as the eye's attachment to
forms. The eye runs after the forms in the external world.....

The Katha Upanisad says, "The self existent  pierced   the senses
outward and so one looks outward and not within oneself. However a wise
man, seeking immortality and turning his eyes inward, sees the inner Self"
(paranci khani vyatrnat svayambhustasmat  paran pasyati

Is there anything in this verse which equates which the exposition above the
quotation about the "faults of the eye organ"?

I recently found this on some website and ask the list folks if they would
kindly tell me chapter and verse from the Katha Up. which I don't have--they
might have it at the local state U library, but if someone here knows this
one, it probably would save me a parking ticket on that campus :-)

Thanks for any help with this. Joanna Kirkpatrick

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