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Illusion, Conversion, Emptiness, Protection:
Reflections on the Mahasutras of the Mulasarvastivadins

All lectures are on Mondays at 5.00 in the Oriental Institute

Numata Lectures by Peter Skilling

1. The MËlasarvåstivådins: Who, what, where, and when?

2. The MahåsËtras: An Introduction

3. Metaphors of Illusion: The Måyåjåla-sËtra

February 5
4. A King Converts: The Bimbisårapratyudgama-sËtra

February 11
5. Emptying the Mind: The ÍËnyatå SËtras

February 18
6.  The Power of the Buddha: The Dhvajågra and Vaißål¥praveßa SËtra

February 25
7. Alliance with the Divine: Mahåsamåja and ÓÝånåÝiya SËtras


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