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Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
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Nice to know the INDOLOGY website is attracting high-profile attention
like this.  This also draws attention to the field of Indology itself, at
a national level in the UK, at least to some extent.


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Subject: Inclusion in new Portal website

Dear Resource Owner

The British Academy, the United Kingdom's's
national Academy for the
Humanities and Social Sciences, is developing a
web site, PORTAL, which
is a directory designed as an entry point to
academic resources available
online for researchers working in higher

Your resource:

INDOLOGY: Internet Resources for Indological

located at:

has been selected for inclusion in this
directory, and a link has been set
up to your site. Each directory entry gives the
title of the resource, its
URL, a number of
keywords and a brief description. I append for
your information copies
of the policy statement on the choice of sites
for the directory and
its copyright and disclaimer notices.

Entries also include some basic cataloguing
information. We hope that
appearing in our directory is acceptable. If it
is, and to ensure that the
cataloguing information is accurate, could you
please confirm that your
resource is hosted by:

University College, London.

If you would prefer that your resource is not
cited in PORTAL, please
let me know and we will not include it.

Responses can be sent by replying to this
email, or by post to:
The British Academy
10 Carlton House Terrace

Abigail Cooke
Web Content Manager
The British Academy


1. PORTAL Collection Policy

Selection of sites for the PORTAL Directory is
based on the following
general guidelines:


The resources at the site are within the
general area of the Humanities and
Social Sciences.
The resources are appropriate for research in
higher education or similar
scholarly contexts.
The resources can be:
primary resources e.g. electronic texts, image
archives, bibliographies;
secondary guides to primary resources, e.g.
collections of site pointers,
lists of specialised archives;
general reference data e.g. encyclopedias,
library directories.


The site has substantive content, i.e. has a
large resource or range of
resources e.g. holdings of text or data, not
just an individual student's
The site has long-term content, i.e. has
material of continuing interest
e.g. excavation catalogues, not just a
particular conference programme.
The site shows that it aims to meet normal
research and scholarly practice
in choosing and making public its materials.
The site clearly declares who is responsible
for it.
The site content is actively maintained.
The site has proper functionality i.e. active
links, working tools etc.
The site offers free use, i.e. there is no
subscription charge, though users
may be required to register.

The Academy reserves the right to remove a site
reference at any time.


2. PORTAL Copyright Statement:

(c) Copyright in all PORTAL pages is held by
The British Academy, 2001.

Links may be made to the PORTAL site, and to
individual PORTAL pages. PORTAL
pages may be copied for individual use, and for
educational use. They may
not be copied and distributed for financial
gain; and they may not be
included in further collections or compilations
without permission from the

In using resource sites to which the PORTAL
Directory refers, please check
copyright policies declared on the sites


3. PORTAL Disclaimer:
We are grateful to all those who have agreed to
our including an entry for
their resource site in the PORTAL Directory.
The Directory pages have been
made in good faith, applying the PORTAL Policy
criteria for Resources and
Sites to include. However the PORTAL pages are
derived from, and contains
pointers to, external pages which are not
controlled by the British Academy.
The Academy does not accept any responsibility
for the accuracy of these
external pages' content, or liability for the
consequences of using the
information contained in the external pages.

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