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Dear Indologists,

In D.B. Diskalkar's article "Atharvaveda and Epigraphi" [sic], J.A.S. Bombay
n.s. 34--35 (1959--1960), I find a reference under item (16) to a

"Khe.d Maahuli (Saataraa Dist.), Mahaaraashtra, stone inscription, dated ;S.
1499 (?). (unpublished)"

Can anyone tell me more about this inscription --- has it perhaps been
published by now? ---, supposedly associated with a Para;suraama temple, or
about the Bhaargavaraama temple which, Diskalkar writes, is also located in
Maahuli, at the confluence of the Krishna and Vennaa rivers, and is in
charge of Atharvavedic Brahmins?

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