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Wed Dec 4 11:55:46 UTC 2002

Dear list members,
the new "GRETIL experimental site"

is intended to give an impression of the additional formats
announces last week. There has been a change of course with
regard to the "ASCII-only" format: Instead of "Kyoto-Harvard" it will
be a new transliteration called ATIL (ASCII Transliteration for
Indian Languages) - sincere appologies for burdening the world with
another acronym!

For details see:

and   ... gretdias.pdf

ATIL encompasses the entire range of CSX+ (Classical Sanskrit
Extended+) characters, which covers everything indologists may
need for the practical purpose of entering and handling e-texts in
Indian languages, and a lot more besides. It should be gratefully
remembered that the indological community owes the bulk of
e-texts to our Japanese colleagues, who achieved this feat with far
less than what CSX+ offers. On the other hand, the world is still
waiting for contributions of similar import from those who
sometimes seem all too willing to follow the path of compliance all
the way down to Redmond.

Since it will take at least another two weeks to convert the entire
GRETIL archive, there is enough time to take into account your

Best regards

Reinhold Grünendahl


Dr. Reinhold Gruenendahl
Niedersaechsische Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek
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(Dept. of Indology)

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