Yamagita in Nepal

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Apr 19 01:48:43 UTC 2002

It is in (older) Nepali:   yamarAjA-le AgyA garyA  "Yamaraja gave the
order..."  etc. etc.
You could ask Ted Riccardi to take a look at it.

Manang, Tibetan (South Tibetan dialect, "Bhote") speaking and high up in
the Himalayas,  is a bit unsual for such a text, but of course not
impossible: the Manangis  are great traders, all the way to SE Asia, and
have a "firman" (Lal Mohar) for that since about the time the MS is
supposed to have been written.


>The ms begins: ZrIgaNezAya namaH// //ZrIyamAya namaH// //duttagachanti
>bhUrloke. vaiSNavAnAM parittejet//vaiSNavAnAM anAcAri. Zighram ca
>KathitaM prabhU//1//yamarAjAle AgyAganyA. (ryA? tyA?) hedujaho.
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