Yamagita in Nepal

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Wed Apr 17 19:42:16 UTC 2002

The Library of Congress has just been given a 12 ff. manuscript
apparently missing at least one final page.  There is no final colophon
and the last p. seems to end in the middle of Sloka 44.  In the margins
with the folio numbers is the abbreviation Ya. GI.

The ms begins: ZrIgaNezAya namaH// //ZrIyamAya namaH// //duttagachanti
bhUrloke. vaiSNavAnAM parittejet//vaiSNavAnAM anAcAri. Zighram ca
KathitaM prabhU//1//yamarAjAle AgyAganyA. (ryA? tyA?) hedujaho.

The periods represent dots between two letters, halfway down from the

F. 12 seems to include a phalastuti of a YamagItA.  The phrase
yamarAjAle AgyAganyA. (ryA? tyA?), included above, occurs repeatedly in
the book.

The donor knows nothing about the ms except that it was from Manang,
Nepal, and is supposed to be from around 1775.

The text is clearly in some other language than Sanskrit.

Does anyone know anything about Yamagitas from Nepal?


Allen Thrasher
Library of Congress

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