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Patrick Olivelle [SMTP:jpo at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU] skrev 15. april 2002 21:37:
> If it is divided into two volumes, one will contain the text and the
> other the translation, with the rest divided between the two.
> The question is whether two volumes or a single volume would serve
> the reader best. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and your
> vote. Thanks.

Personally, I would prefer a single volume with Skt text to the left and
the translation to the right (opposing pages), and with the notes etc. at
the bottom of the page. In other words: all info relevant to a given
verse/set of verses immediately available to the eye. It may make the page
look cluttered, but it is infinitely more practical than having two
volumes, which involves a more laborious shift of focus.

Good luck!

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