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I am glad to announce a number of new publications.


Samaveda Samhita of the Kauthuma School, with Padapatha and  the
Commentaries of Madhava, Bharatasvamin and Sayana, vol. ii:  Uttararcika
ed. by B.R. Sharma
Cambridge: Harvard Oriental Series  2001


A few months ago we (A.Wezler and undersigned, ed.s) have also released:

Thomas Oberlies,
Pali. A Grammar of the Language of the Theravada Tipitaka. With a
Concordance to Pischel's Grammatik der Prakrit-Sprachen.
Berlin/New York: de Gruyter 2001
[= vol. 3 of : Indian Philology and South Asian Studies, ed. by A. Wezler
and  M. Witzel ]
pp. 385
(eventually to be reprinted in India by Munshiram)

[vol. 4  is nearly ready: Epic Grammar by Th. Oberlies]


Currently in press and to be released this spring are:

HOS Vol. 60:  The Yogasastra of  Hemacandra:  a twelfth century handbook
of Svetambara Jainism, translated by Olle Quarnström
pp.230   (release: late April)

HOS vol. 61:  Madhav M. Deshpande,
Recitational Permutations of the Saunakiya Atharvaveda.
pp. 470.
(release early May)

HOS  Opera Minora, vol. 4:
Atharvaveda-Paippalada, Kanda 5
edition, translation, commentary by
Alexander Lubotsky
pp. 250  (release early May)

<Also note that a critical  re-edition and translation of AVP 1 and 2 has
already been carried out by Th. Zehnder. -- More to come:  by A. Griffiths,
C.Lopez,  among others.>


Later this spring:

HOS vol. 62. Iravatham Mahadevan,
Tamil-Brahmi and Early Vatteluttu Inscriptions (ca. 2nd century B.C. - 6th
century A.D). A critical edition with texts, transliteration, translation
and a detailed commentary.
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