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> Just inside the exhibit after you enter, when you go right into the Asian
> art sculpture section, there is a Gandharan Bodhisattva torso.
> Also, I don't know of any evidence that the Greeks of this period wore
> amulets, even though their esthetics/conventions influenced Gandharan
> design.  Did the Hindus of this period wear amulets?
I am not sure whether this is quite the shape that you are describing but
there is a fine example of an amulet case showing Hellenistic influence
found in the Gandhara area in the British Museum (a slide of it that I
bought some years ago is numbered OA 77).  This is an octagonal piece in
section (like a short piece of octagonal pencil) with two rings set at right
angles to the main axis near each end;  is is made of gold set with garnets
and dated 2nd-3rd cent. A.D.

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