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>Just inside the exhibit after you enter, when you go right into the Asian
>art sculpture section, there is a Gandharan Bodhisattva torso.
>What stuns me are the obvious tabiz-like multiple amulet necklaces he is
>wearing draped over his chest and upper arms. The amulets are shaped quite

I am sorry that off the top of my head I cannot give a bibliography,
but these have been discussed since long ago as "dhaara.nii boxes." I
think there is some significant question whether this is right, but
one might look at the old paper by L. A. Waddell on dharanis, which I
think has photos of just what you are referring to (sorry, I forgot
where it was published, but if memory is right it was in a German
anthropological journal--but the paper is in English).  John
Huntington at Ohio might be able to give you an up-to-date
bibliography on this.

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