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The following may be useful for you:
Günter Grönbold, Materialien zur Geschichte des Sadanga-Yoga. I. Der
Sadanga-Yoga im Hinduismus. Indo-Iranian Journal 25 (1983), 181-190.

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Vielle Christophe wrote:

> I just heard from a friend in Madras that the vol. 15 of the NCC (of which
> he was able to see a first draft) is at the stage of the final revision of
> the proofs and will be thus soon published.
> A reference to a "yoga in 6 a;ngas" (beginning regularly with yama) occurs
> twice in a purANic text I am studying, in a portion dealing with vedAnta.
>         "yamAdiyogadharmA;ngaSaTka"
>         "saSaTa;ngena yogena"
> I knew the classical 8 a;ngas. Is someone aware of such a number of a;ngas
> in some (early?) doctrine of yoga (jñAnayoga?)?
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