looking for e-texts on Vedaanta

diwakar acharya acharyadiwakar at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 27 11:43:17 UTC 2001

Dear colleagues,

I am preparing a critical edition of Vaacaspatimi”sra’s Tattvasamik.saa
based on a single Nepalese Palm-leaf manuscript. I am looking for e-texts
and translations of Vaacaspati’s texts.
I would also be glad to come in touch of scholars working on Vedaanta
specially on Vaacaspati.

Thanks in advance,

Diwakar Acharya

Balmiki Campus
Exhibition Road

Present address:
Institut für Kulture und Geschichte Indiens und Tibets
Universität Hamburg
Neue Rabenstraße 3
20354 Hamburg

>From: Johannes Bronkhorst <Johannes.Bronkhorst at ORIENT.UNIL.CH>
>Reply-To: Indology <INDOLOGY at LISTSERV.LIV.AC.UK>
>Subject: looking for addresses
>Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 08:52:40 +0200
>I am looking for the addresses and/or e-mail addresses of the following
>Vedanta scholars: Christian Bouy, Michael Comans, Natalia Isayeva, Govind
>Chandra Pande. Can someone help? Thanks in advance,
>Johannes Bronkhorst
>Johannes.Bronkhorst at orient.unil.ch

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