looking for e-texts on Vedaanta

David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Fri Jul 27 13:19:56 UTC 2001

> Dear colleagues,
> I am preparing a critical edition of Vaacaspatimisras Tattvasamik.saa
> based on a single Nepalese Palm-leaf manuscript. I am looking for e-texts
> and translations of Vaacaspatis texts.
> I would also be glad to come in touch of scholars working on Vedaanta
> specially on Vaacaspati.
> Thanks in advance,
> Diwakar Acharya

I did a keyword search on "vedanta" in The International Directory of
South Asia Scholars and found many people you might get in touch with,
with full contact details and descriptions of their work. To do this
search, go on the web to the Directory at:


and just type vedanta into the SEARCH IDSAS box.

David Magier
South Asia Librarian
Columbia University
Editor of SARAI

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