commentary MS

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen tlknudsen at GET2NET.DK
Sun Dec 16 11:12:52 UTC 2001

Many thanks to George Hart, Dominik Wujastyk, Edwin Bryant,
Fred Smith and Christophe Vielle for their kind help with trying to
identify our MS of a commentary on the BhP.  We have now, with
some help, checked the text of the MS against almost 20 BhP
commentaries (printed editions), but without finding a match.
Christophe Vielle's comment was valuable, and I will try to follow up
on it.

One brief colophon is preserved in the manuscript:
"ityekatri.m;sodhyaaya.h".  So the MS numbers of the chapters of
the tenth book of the BhP in the traditional way, without rejecting
three chapters as the Vallabhis do.

Sincerely and with many thanks,
Toke Lindegaard Knudsen

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