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Richard B Mahoney rbm49 at STUDENT.CANTERBURY.AC.NZ
Thu Dec 6 09:12:51 UTC 2001

Dear all,

For those of you preparing transliterated critical editions this LaTeX
package may be of interest.

It was posted today to the comp.text.tex newsgroup.

I tracked it down at:

The demo.pdf and metre.pdf files show its capability.

Also, I would like to thank all those who helped me the other day with
my query about self-demoting verses. I now have a good number of leads
to follow up.

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Gianfranco Boggio-Togna wrote:

> I have uploaded the file `' to
> Name of contribution:  metre
> Author:  Gianfranco Boggio-Togna <gbt at>
> Suggested location:  /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/metre
> License:  LaTeX Project Public License
> Description:
> The package provides classicists with some of the tools that are
> needed for typesetting scholarly publications dealing with Greek and
> Latin texts, with special emphasis on Greek verse.
> As the name suggests, the core of the package is a comprehensive set
> of commands for generating metrical schemes and for placing prosodical
> marks on text set in the Latin or the Greek alphabet.
> The rest of the package provides a miscellany of commands for symbols
> (most of them not directly related to metre) that are often used in
> critical editions of classical texts.
> The package does not require any special font: all symbols are taken
> from the Computer Modern OT1 fonts (included in all distributions of
> TeX) or are generated by means of TeX primitives.


Many regards,

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