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Sun Aug 12 17:49:43 UTC 2001

Dear colleagues,

Perhaps it might interested you that two years ago a conference on some
topics, which Sh. Pollock raised, was held at the University of
Heidelberg (I should have invited him!). (details:, click "Konferenzen" in the
German version). The conference was dedicated to Pt. P. Aithal who
represents a generation of Sanskrit learning which is hard to replace.
But this does not necessarily mean the death of Sanskrit.
 I  attach the list of papes which are (with, in some cases, slightly
different titles, some additions and other variations) in press with
Manohar Publications and should be relased within this year.
As regards the death of Sanskrit in Nepal, I rememeber a draft article of
Michaels Witzel on the situation of Sanskrit learning in this Himalayan
kingdom. However, as far as I know that study has never been published.
Mahes Raj Pant, presently Lepzig (?), had also published a book on the
same subject.

Best wishes
Axel Michaels


The Pandit: the future of traditional Sanskrit scholarship

List of papers

Albrecht Wezler, Hamburg
Some Remarks on Nirukta 1.20 sâkshâtkritadharmâna rishayah

James Benson, Oxford
Shamkarabhatta`s Family Biography: the Gâdhivamshavarnanam

Johannes Bronkhorst, Lausanne
Traditional and Modern Sanskrit Scholarship

Monika Boehm-Tettelbach, Heidelberg
A Pandit Among the Modernists and a Modernist Among the Pandits

G. C. Tripathi, Allahabad
samskrita-pândulipi-paramparâyâh samrakshanârtham bhâratîya-panditânâm

Ashok Aklujkar, Vancouver
The Pandits from a pindabrahmânda Point of View

Christopher Z. Minkowski, Ithaca
The Pandit as Public Intellectual in the 19th Century: The Controversy
avirodha or Inconsistency in the Astronomical Sciences

Madhav Deshpande, Ann Arbor
The Pandit and the Professor in 19th Century Maharashtra

Axel Michaels, Heidelberg
The Pandit as a Legal Adviser

S. Sarma Peri, Marburg
Traditional Way of Sanskrit Teaching and Learning (Memorization,

Harry Falk, Berlin
The galitas of the Rigveda and the Origin of samhitapâtha and padapâtha

Parameswara Aithal, Heidelberg
Traditional Memory Techniques in Sanskrit Studies

K. Krishna Bhat, Mangalagangotri
The Impact of Traditional Study Skills of Sanskrit in the Pursuit of

Bettina Bäumer, Berne, Vienna, Benares
Tantrik Pandits in Benares

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