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Axel Michael remembers correctly, even after a quarter century,  that I had
prepared a paper on the Skt. traditions of Nepal. However, this old paper
was restricted to Vedic Traditions, and it was published in local (now
defunct) general interest journal:

On the history and the present state of Vedic tradition in   Nepal.
Vasudha,  15, No. 12, Kathmandu 1976, 17-24; 35-39
(cf. also: Zur Geschichte der Rajopadhyayas von Bhaktapur. Folia Rara.
Festschrift W. Voigt, ed. by H. Franke et al.,  Wiesbaden  1976, pp.

Since it is virtually unavailable I may scan it  and put it up on my
website as
Keep looking  (I will announce it)

The same topic, but with stress on the manuscript traditions is taken up
again, 25 years later,  in a fortcoming volume celebrating the 30 years of
the NGMPP (Nepal German Manuscript Preservation Project) as:  "Medieval
Veda Tradition as Reflected  in Nepalese Manuscripts"

>As regards the death of Sanskrit in Nepal, I remember a draft article of
>Michaels Witzel on the situation of Sanskrit learning in this Himalayan
>kingdom. However, as far as I know that study has never been published.
>Mahes Raj Pant, presently Lepzig (?), had also published a book on the
>same subject.

Mahesh is again at Hamburg now (until the end of the year):
"Mahes Raj Pant" <mahesrajpant at>

His well-balanced book incorporating both South Asian and "Western"

On Sanskrit education / Mahes Raj Pant.
Kathmandu : Pant, 1979.
viii, 202 p. ; 20 cm.

(available at Harvard, Chicago Libraries, etc)

Hope this helps !


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