Studia Indoloczne (?)

Monika Nowakowska nowmonika at POCZTA.ONET.PL
Sun Aug 5 09:16:45 UTC 2001

I've already sent the details to Christian K. Wedemeyer but here it is
again for all the interested:
"Studia Indologiczne", published by Oriental
Institute, Warsaw University, since 1994.
Studia Indologiczne 4 (1997) contain the Proceedings of the
International Seminar on Buddhist Studies, Liw 25 June 1994; ed. by
Agata Bareja-Starzynska and Marek Mejor.
Several copies of the journal have been sent all over the world and
should be
available in some libraries.
With regards,
Monika Nowakowska


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